Alpha Testing Live!!

Thanks to the support of great friends and community members, MysticWars is finally returning and being rebuilt. You can view the progress and join the support effort below or log in and start testing!

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The Races

The unique races of Evermore:
Human, Barbarian, Ogre, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Tigress

The Classes

The game starts with Fighters & Mages and involves a progression system where you can achieve new tiers of your base class.

The Process

As a strategy based game, the focus of the game is stat & configuration based tournament fighter where the toughest and smartest win.

The Original Story

Mysticwars takes place in a mysterious world which is guarded by its own god-like species. The Mystic Isles of Evermore are a combination of two main islands shrouded in mists with several thousand small islands nearby. One of the main islands serves as a training ground while the other serves as a battle ground.

Many thousands of moons ago, the islands were but one large continent which was inhabited by a unique people who by their religious practices attained uncanny powers. With these powers, law and order resided no longer. Everyone began using their special powers to murder, steal, and gain more power from their rivals. These wars amongst people caused a dramatic effect on the level of power on the island. It became a survival of the fittest, and in turn caused the only offspring to have even greater powers. The weak perished early on. Through their advancements, these people advanced thier technology to a degree that is indescribable by any standards. They crafted new metals, they built superior weapons, and they devised great plans. Finding out their powers grew stronger the closer to the heavens they were, many power hungry individuals began to construct a tower from which they could reign superior over all of the people.

Knowing of this threat, a small group calling themselves the Mystics banded together, promising not strike at each other. Thier mission was to destroy those who meant harm to the world and who planned to rule Evermore. These Mystics found that for the first time, if they combined their power through meditation and conjoinment, they could use their power as one. With their great power, they first struck down those building the tower, which had already been constructed to great heights. They obliterated the tower to pieces and the other inhabitants of the land began to fear them. Knowing they would never be accepted back into society, they spread the people apart to the coastal regions of the continent and then generated the greatest of earthquakes which began to divide their world apart into many pieces. Using their great power, a huge land mass was lifted into the clouds and they too were lifted with it. Many thousands of people perished in the great earthquake. Those who survived found themselves limited on their powers and almost oblivious to their own history. Their land had been divided, all the people had been cast off onto thousands of small islands. The biggest portion of land was divided into two pieces by the land mass that was removed from the middle and which became the Mystic's refuge. The people began normal lives on the islands and eventually forgot their powers and tragic past altogether. That is until their calling... Your calling!

Despite their god-like abilities, aging for the group of Mystics was only slowed. Fearing the death of the aging Mystics, their power would be lessened, the island in the sky would fall. They have now made a calling to the remaining people of the former continent of Evermore. Hundreds if not thousands of people of all races are called to the training grounds to select a class, build their experience with fighting, and begin using their unknown powers again. When proper training is achieved, they will pay to board the ferry to the main battle grounds. Those who prevail to be the strongest will be rewarded with gold and riches and will be asked to participate in subsequent tournaments. The winner of the whole tournament will enjoy the greatest of all riches and be asked to join the Mystics atop their island in the sky and become one of them. They will withold the prophecy of the Mystics. They will oversee the great tournaments which are deemed the MysticWars.